-To make business connections and meetings with important tourism and travel companies from all over the world,

 -To compare the quality of all of the private products and services, 

 -To guarantee the product and service distribution agreements, 

 -To gain information on the latest trends, business opportunities, and the sector in the Tourism sector, 

 -To attend the conference, seminar, panel, and events regarding the future of the sector, -To observe the competition environment


 TRAVEL TURKEY IZMIR enables you to access the virtual fair anywhere, anytime from your personal computer, tablet, or your mobile phone online.




To keep the global tourism sector experience alive and besides making new connections, we want to help you experience various online business opportunities. In this regard, for you to conduct your B2B meetings in the easiest and the best way possible, virtual fair systems most beneficial form the “Smart Matchmaking” system will help the exhibitors to present their services, and visitors to find the service they are looking for easily. This system will let the B2B meetings to be more impactful and beneficial.



 With only one login, visit the virtual booths of hundreds of exhibitors. Save your money, time, and energy, and enjoy visiting the fair whenever you want.

 -No traveling

 -No time limitations

 -Easy search (Company name, Country, Service category)

 -Exchanging business cards with exhibitors

 -In every booth, take a look at videos, documents, and more 

 -Show your interest in the products listed at the exhibitors can get instant feedback



 -Meet with the exhibitors online by using the chat function 

-Reserve a chatting area with the exhibitors you are interested in and chat with them live

 -Easy B2B tools to interact with the exhibitors 

 -Reserve a live chat area with the exhibitors by clicking chat areas in their booths. Then click on “My meetings” and interact live with them during your reserved sessions

 -Both general and private meeting options are available.

 -During your reserved session, you can have a meeting with audio and video.



 -Watch new product or service presentations and web seminars from our exhibitors in the auditorium. 

 -No need for physical attendance

 -All of the live presentations and web seminars are saved. You can watch them whenever you want.

 -Watch the demos and presentations easily. 



14th International Tourism Fair

25 - 27 February 2021